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Initial Episodes


Round 1


Contestants must first engage in a video interview process which will be filmed and televised. Contestants who do not make it past this initial phase will not receive any cash.


Round 2  


Contestants will engage in a verbal game with an explained scoring system. The host (Sky) will answer the same questions as the contestants and points will be rewarded based on matching answers. The contestant with the most points at the end of Round 2 automatically advances to Round 3.


The remaining 2 contestants will have 20 seconds to explain why they should proceed further with Sky on a journey of friendship. Sky will then choose among the two remaining contestants to bring one to Round 3. The eliminated contestant receives only $25 for his/her time.


(Filming will take less than one hour).


Round 3


The two remaining contestants will receive $40 each to take Sky on a "friend date" - their choice of a location, event, or activity around the Hollywood area that lasts less than an hour (including driving time). Any cash not spent may be kept.


Depending upon Sky’s enjoyment of the experience and compatibility with the contestant, he will choose one of the two remaining individuals to pop the question, “R u my friend?” The non-asked contestant will receive $50 for his/her time. The winning contestant may respond yes, receive $75 for the experience, and be brought back for a later competing episode. If the contestant answers no, he/she will be paid $150 and be asked to leave.

Will the winner choose quick money, friendship, or choose to continue playing for more money in the future?


Winners’ Episodes


Four winning contestants from earlier episodes will be brought back for more interactive experiences.


Round 1


Food will be provided during a free dining experience and guests will be permitted to engage in open conversation. Based on food preferences and topics of discussion, Sky will eliminate one of the contestants at the end of the meal. That contestant receives $30.


Round 2


After eating, the three remaining contestants will compete in a game night event. The winner of the game night will automatically advance to the final round. From the non-winning contestants, Sky will save one of these individuals. The eliminated contestant in this round will receive $60.


Round 3


In a final outdoor task, contestants will engage in some sort of excursion event (e.g., hiking, an escape room experience, etc) which will reveal to Sky the friends most compatible for future events. One or more of Sky's actual friends will likely join on the activity to interact with the participants. Sky will then ask one of these contestants at the end, “R u my friend?”


The non-asked contestant will receive $100. If the asked contestant answers yes, he/she will be invited back to a later episode and win $150 for success so far. If the contestant answers no, he/she will be paid $300 and be asked to leave.


Final Episodes


Four ultimate winning contestants will embark on a journey including a one-night, all-expenses paid Airbnb stay on location. Contestants will engage in various activities, all of which will be recorded and televised. At the end of the overnight vacation, Sky will ask ONE of the final contestants, “R u my friend?”


The non-asked contestants will be given $300 each. If the winning contestant answers yes, he/she will receive $750 and be contracted into future ventures with Sky. If the winning contestant answers no, he/she will receive $1,500 and will no longer be in contact with Sky.


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