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Sky Smith has run the gambit of jobs: singer, songwriter, math teacher, promotional model, personal trainer, nutritionist, data analyst, and risk advisor to name a few. And now he wants to take on the role of finding a true friend – one from many who either want the same or lust for fame and fortune.


Born out of Miami, Florida, now living in sunny Los Angeles, Sky spends his free time playing volleyball, dodgeball, and board games with friends. He also likes to hike and take pictures. He is not a big partier and seldom drinks, preferring people of a similar mindset.


Friends would describe Sky as easy going, serious, and a hard worker.


Sky is creating this show to share with the world the joy and excitement of making new friends. Even though some of his music videos, like Take Me Home Tonight (a cover song he did with his father), have hit over 100,000 views, Sky has lived a relatively private life so far.



A friendship with Sky is not always fun and games, but everyone agrees – Sky is a trip you won’t regret.